ISSUES ... a HUMAN RIGHTS bill for Australia

Australia has no national laws to protect citizens and residents against acts or omissions by the Federal government or its public servants which damage or threaten their basic human rightse and the US

 One project to remedy this gap at national level was initiated by New Matilda e-zine ... peruse its status at their web-site

A draft (Commonwealth) bill was prepared in October 2005. An outline with explanatory notes is available (as a pdf file) for perusal or download. 

  Public Hearings 1 – 3 July 2009

As part of the National Human Rights Consultation, the Committee held three days of Public Hearings from 1 to 3 July 2009 in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra

National H.R. Consultation - Sep 2009 report ... more below :

21 April 2010 : Federal Attorney General decides against national charter, in favour of "a new level of parliamentary scrutiny to identify bills that pose a threat to human rights"

This abdication from action consequent to the Brennan committee recommendations is disappointing, and marks the Government joining most of the Coalition as part of the problem rather than the solution, it also marks the next step in the project for change

Read response from Professor Sarah Joseph, Monash University

Contradicting arguments & misinformation, for conserving the status quo, and opposing a national H.R. bill, are raised by opponents like Bob Carr, former NSW State Premier and journalist. However supportive arguments were raised for this bill in 2006 by Anthony Mason, retired Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia ... and by Mike Steketee writing in 2008 in the'Weekend Australian' (27.12.08) ... also Geoffrey Robertson with his 2009 book "Statute of Liberty" ... a review of this book by Stephen Keim SC was attacked by Queensland academic James Allan, drawing this response from Mr Keim ... and also read a supportive Christian view on this issue from the IsaiahOne coalition

See also : a rebuttal of "it'll only benefit lawyers" reactionary claims - by Andrew Lynch of University of NSW (from 'The Australian') ... and focus by Adam McBeth (Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University, also in 'The Australian') on continued attempts at misinformation against a Federal charter ... and also this Centre's current "myth-busters" on the issue

Read of a talk by Justice Michael Kirby on how the 2015 centenary of ANZAC might be an opportunity for goverment adoption of a Federal Charter, following the Rudd government's abdication of the initiative they were offered by the Brennan committee's report recommendations

... and WHAT CAN WE DO ?