ISSUES ... a HUMAN RIGHTS bill for Australia


 TALK about it to friends & neighbours, give them the website []


 read SUMMARY of draft bill

Help ORGANISE meetings to debate & raise awareness

Contact (email or letter) your local MPs and state senators to support a new bill

 sample letter (Word)

(adapt to your own wording)

 Express support for a national human rights charter being initially considered by a panel set up by the Rudd government

(... see article in The Australian, 10 Dec 2008)
Join the GetUp! email campaign

or Amnesty International

 See also New Matilda web-site on this issue at:

 ... and read about the National Human Rights CONSULTATION COMMITTEE and its progress at :

... as well as the Amnesty International article (by Tanja Kovac, in New Matilda, 2 July 2009) chasing this process

... or you can read (and enter comments to) our FaceBook cause page 'Enact national human rights charter - Australia'