OZ and AMERICA - compare the statistics ...

Some basic comparisons ...

 in 2013,


 U S A
 AREA (million km²)

 over 7.6

 over 9.5

 23.1 million

316 million  

 $A 1,542 billion

$US 15.7 trillion 

 G.D.P. per capita

 $A 65,640

$US 49,900 

( $US 1.00 = $A 1.00 ... GDP figures: 2013 estimates ... from IMF)

 It may be seen that Australia's area is about 80% of the USA's ... but its population is about 7% of the USA, and its total GDP less than 10% of the USA. ... however per capita GDP for Australia had since 2008 become higher than that of the USA - due to substantial mineral (coal; iron ore) exports in the past decade, and comparative resilience to the 'global financial crisis' - factors attracting international capital, and leading to 45% inflation in relative $A:$US exchange rates - which also increased nominal Australian GDP in $US terms.

So what can Australia offer the USA ? As an export market, very little compared to their other markets, many of which have higher growth rates ... and the inflated $A value has proven a handicap to Australian-based exports.