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14-April-15 : Harold Anderson AM, JP - passed away at his home in Adelaide. Harold was for many years the South Australian state manager for OCL/P&OCL services - but also an active community member in South Australian sport and local municipal politics. Link to obituary (Rob Bryson,David Baker)
February-15 : Martin Wyatt is recovering at home from elective surgery () for urinary problem ... he "has to take things easy for a few days/weeks until body settles down." (Martin, via Geoff Bolton)
January-15 : Congratulations to Mike Coffey OAM, for Australia Day award (Medal of the Order of Australia), for service to business, commerce, and the community
November-14 : Geoff Bolton did some overseas travel (including Argentina & Chile) and finishing with a busy week in Tokyo, where he attended annual reunions of former Swire Systems staff colleagues - and also of shipping staff including those with whom he worked on AJCL ... link to details
2-December-13 : Brian Coyle passed away in Sydney. He was AJCL Head Office Sales Manager from the 1970s in Sydney, and prior to that NSW State Sales Manager. (Gary Wotherspoon via Bill Guest) ... link to image of Brian on visit to Korea. Funeral 11 am, Tues 10 Dec, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Mona Vale
10-October-13 : Nick Lampe passed away in Sydney - he was a P&O employee in UK including time at sea; transferred to ANZECS ... later moved to Australia with P&O Containers, then from 1997 P&O Nedlloyd in Operational management (Stu Barnett/Duncan Munro, via Geoff Bolton)
July-13 : Geoff Bolton was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure over some years, and it's eached a steady level pending his needing renal dialysis in future, which may be done at home, for which he's having education/training.
6-October-12 : culling through his old files, Bill Guest located a nostalgic group photo from 1980, when OCAL management decided to explore the realm of executive development ... link for memories (Bill Guest, via Geoff Bolton)
5-October-12 : Geoff Bolton, for whom airline travel is NOT a favorite pastime, is heading over to UK later this month for the wedding of his second son Jason (to Julie) in the village of Bridgnorth, Shropshire ... a brief visit, in/out via Birmingham airport - and staying only five nights before returning home. His prev visit to this part of England was 1970 visit to OCL (from Tokyo) for FE Trade, including regional office and new local Perry Barr containerbase.
6-July-12 : Bill Guest describes their recent UK trip ..."Patty and I have just returned from the UK after completing the Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk from St Bees on the Irish Sea to Robin Hood's Bay on the North Sea. From west to east we walked over 300km in 16 days. We were on our own but had organised our larger bags to be transferred between B&Bs. This at least meant a lighter backpack. Somewhat more challenging than we thought as we went through the whole gamut from bogs, mist on the moors, mountains and every conceivable weather condition possible - after all it is the UK! A real sense of accomplishment when over and grateful for a decent GPS." (Bill via Geoff Bolton)
20-June-12 : HMAS Choules (naval landing ship acquired last year from Britain (as former RFA Largs Bay) forced out of first fleet exercise by generator breakdowns ... not an auspicious start ! ... (Geoff Bolton - link for more detail ... does the Royal Navy give used-vessel warranties? )
4-May-12 : Ken Baxter had suffered another heart attack(minor) but "I am OK. Still have some speech problem as a result of the stroke put hope will eventually improve.Was able to continue driving in January with no restrictions." (Ken, via Geoff Bolton)

12-April-12 : Mike Simpson - pleasant surprise to learn he's back living in Penrith, Sydney for some time. Check his web-site !
11-March-12 : John Whittles passed away from pneumonia, after suffering final stages of cancer. Link to images from funeral notice and Xmas barbeque held at the Wieland's place. (Pam, via Martin Wyatt; Geoff Bolton)

13-Feb-11 : Wendy Stewart passed away, after a long battle with leukemia ... Wendy was one of the original Sydney Head Office EDP Operations staff involved with first OCL service from 1969. Link to final image ... (Geoff Wieland; Geoff Bolton)
December-11 : John Pugh (now whole-handed again) has resumed army life in his new ADF cook career, now in North Queensland. (John, via Martin Wyatt)
December-11 : Australia acquires surplus UK amphibious ship RFA Largs Bay, now commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy as HMAS Choules
23-Nov-11 : Ken Baxter had suffered a stroke on 31 October. After some time in Taree Hospital was transferred to Wingham rehab hospital but decided to return home. Making improvement and taking speech therapy. Unable to drive for 3 months though he hopes to be able to resume. (Ken, via Geoff Bolton)

28-Oct-11 : Norman Arnott passed away in Rotterdam ... he was known to many Australian staff & management through his roles for OCL in Continental Europe ... link to PONL Heritage for details (Chris Holt, Mike Chapman)
12-October-11 : SCARA reunion lunch, at Covent Garden, London - (details of SCARA within PONL web-site ) ... Available at the SCARA reunion “ The OCL Containerships” A 30 minute DVD of archive film and photos of the early ships compiled by Captain Joe Welch
Cost £10 with profits going to “ The Mission to Seafarers”. The DVD can also be purchased direct by contacting jandcwelch@talktalk.net . A write-up, plus full details of the DVD can be checked out on PONL Heritage web site. (Belinda McCormack, SCARA )

late August : Jim Bannister (since early days in Head Office ANZECS Operations) passed away, at age 81 (David Baker)
8-Aug-11 : Brian Coyle "has his good days and bad days, mostly he watches TV and sleeps on and off. Denise tries to get him out as much as possible, but the weather has not been too good, a bit cold at the moment." Family also hit by recent sudden death of son-in-law Nick, Lisa's husband. (Denise, via Geoff Bolton)
3-Aug-11 : The John Pugh hand is recovering but "sensation in finger not quite normal. Some parts are still quite sensitive ... also affects my guitar playing (something that I could describe as physiotherapy for my finger) ... not affecting my TAFE cooking classes, which are going well." (John, via Geoff Bolton)
18-Jun-11 : John Pugh's new catering career paused by accident while moving a drink vending machine - graphic details (if you wish to look!) in Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.107176146041412.13539.100002470821177&l=2c155822ea (Geoff Bolton)
22-Apr-11 : John Pugh (former Sydney IT programmer, later with Momentum Utilities) is making a midlife career change from programming, to join the Aust Defence Forces - training as an army chef ! (John had already acquired amateur skills in this area) (Keith Dickins, via Geoff Bolton)
22-Feb-11 : Maersk Line has ordered up to 30 container-ships each capable of carrying 18,000 TEU ... 2,500 containers more than the largest existing container-ship, Emma Maersk. These ships will be 400 metres long, 59 metres wide and 73 metres high and will cost more than US$190m each, and were ordered from Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (S.Korea)
14-Feb-11 : Ken Baxter tells us "I had my 80th birthday on the 20th January and (son) Mike has bought me a business class return flight to the UK. I depart on the 31st May and will be there for 10 weeks."
12-Feb-11 : Rodney Birdsall - update : "I am now at home and gradually getting stronger each day. The operating wound is still being dressed each day but that should repair in a few weeks. It was a big shock to be diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer as one doesn't contemplate such an event. However I guess it should not be a surprise to learn that there are plenty of people in the same boat and that there are support systems for the ongoing challenges." (Rodney, via David Baker)
2-Feb-11 : Australia's loss of naval amphibious & heavy lift capability (vessels like Manoora, Kanimbla needing early decommissioning) before 2013/2014 readiness of two Canberra class Landing Helicopter Dock replacements is leading to ADF consideration of acquiring a surplus Bay-class auxiliary vessel from Britain ... and the NZ navy has offered interim joint use of their multi-role sealift ship
HMNZS Canterbury. (Geoff Bolton)
22-Jan-11: Rodney Birdsall is in the Mater hospital (Sydney) following surgery Monday 17 January to remove cancer of the bladder. Apparently without much warning he was diagnosed with an aggressive bladder cancer and the diagnosis came as a shock to his family as he didn't even look unwell. He will be in hospital for about a fortnight. (David Baker)
1-Jan-11 : David Baker (a slimmer version of the DJB we worked with) maintains his health working for Australia Post ... "mainly indoor so not as much walking as I would like but do get to do deliveries occasionally - my main job is to manage the Unaddressed Mail (junk mail) through the St Leonards facility and that is a full time job and more and I work minimum 10 hours most days." (David Baker