G D Bolton - short stories

Geoff Bolton's short stories have been published since 1983 (see table below) in Australia,

where he has lived for many years. He was born in New Zealand in 1941.

Short story publication history

 The Twenty-fifth Stroke  1983
 Inprint 6/2 April [ISSN:0314-285X]
 Memento  1984  Brave New Word no.4 [ISSN:0725-5543]
 Reach Out For My Islands  1985  The Age Monthly Review, December
 It Was Your Holding Me  1988  Australian Short Stories no.23 [ISSN:0810-4468]
 Drawing the Line  1994  Encounters with Japan, collection ed. Duffy, Anson - Harper Collins Sydney [ISBN:0-207-18559-X]
 And It Sounds Like The Real Thing


 Sharing Fruit, collection ed. Manh - Curriculum Corporation, Melbourne [ISBN:1-86366-385-1]
 Ebb and Flow 1998  ArtsRush no.7 e-zine, link to read

Note - the stories The Twenty-fifth Stroke, Drawing the Line, Ebb and Flow, And It Sounds Like the Real Thing are all from a story-cycle entitled A Company of Men.